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For times of slump…

What message do I need to hear? You can do it. Yes.  You may have been lazy back there. Yes.   I could tell you weren’t giving it your all. Yes.  Results are what matter.  I don’t feel sorry for you because you knew you weren’t getting the results.  Take it from Yoda.  “Do.  Or, do not.  There is no try.” Yes.  You can do it.  I believe in you. You can do it. Do it.

Have Students Help in Your Professional Development

Inspiration I have a friend that teaches in Chicago.  She works at a college prep high school.  The students must wear uniforms.  Her school already sounds much different than mine.  But, there’s something all the teachers do that makes it much different. All teachers  must inform their students of their professional development.  Signs are hanging in every classroom window next to the door.  Anybody that walks through the hallway would be able to see what the teacher is trying to learn or improve.  What a great idea! Helping students is the number one priority for teachers.  Teachers modeling self-directed learning … Continue reading

A Revolution…

A sudden,  extreme, or complete change in the way people live.  That is the definition of a revolution.  I’ve been challenged to write about what revolution I’d like to lead. I’m interviewing with Bill Nye because he runs the Planetary Society.  I want to team up with the Planetary Society to help develop and spread curriculum focused on space exploration and colonizing Mars.  He looks at me and say, “I’m not feeling like your sincere.”  In response, I pull out my phone and show him my Evernote notebook tracking the steps I’ve taken to get this going. At that time, … Continue reading

What difference do I want to make?

Here’s the second to last writing prompt for the Live Your Legend Blog Challenge.  The question is, What difference do I want to make? My first answer is one that I would definitely make my students rewrite: I want to make the world better.  The question I would throw back at them is, How would you make it better?  As of late, I’ve been on a mission to Mars kick.  I would love to see people work together for the common goal of colonizing on Mars.  We would greatly benefit from having a backup settlement.  In fact, let’s go cliche … Continue reading

Elevator Pitch

What would I tell someone that I just met if they wanted to know about me?  I’ve read about “elevator pitches” many times before.  I think I even have some written down.  But, I constantly find myself changing.  My interests vary constantly.  Some days I enjoy teaching.  Others, I find it draining.  What I want is an overarching goal to work towards.  Last night I was thinking about one as it turns out. I want to help prepare humanity to go to Mars.  In my current position, I want to teach problem solving through science education.  I envision building classrooms … Continue reading