Growing with Impermanence

Meditating with a group exhilarated me.  Abbie asked if I would go to a meditation event with her and I’m so happy she did.  I dabbled in meditation over the summer and I had a great experience with it, so her encouragement was appreciated. Her asking me caused me to go to the meditation class.  This phenomena of cause and effect relationships was the theme.  I was told it is called impermanence.  Nothing will last forever.  Change always happens.  Afterward, I felt free.  It helped broaden my view, taking my focus away from my current feelings of my life.  For … Continue reading

Escaping the Pit of Pessimism

I’ve been in a pit of pessimism lately.  I feel like I am alone. I feel insignificant.  I feel like trying is fruitless.  I feel like people don’t notice me.  We all experience these feelings from time to time.  But, what causes us to experience this feeling?  Where do these feelings grow?  Under what conditions enable us to have them? Expectations.  Expectations with tough, out-of-my-control obstacles.  My pit of pessimism is just a grown-up version of a tantrum.  I am not getting what I want when I want it!  It’s funny viewing it from this perspective.  Here are some of … Continue reading

Cleaning the Community

Abbie and I picked up 4.2 pounds of trash on our first “Community Trash Walk” of the year.  We were on our way to practice soccer and picked up trash on our way to and from the field.  Our biggest piece of trash was a hubcap.  The trash I found funny was dog poop bags.  The dog owners had the first step down.  At least it was in the bags!                               We noticed a lot of trash in Duck Creek.  We may go play in the … Continue reading

Suffer for Others

Take a moment to breathe.  Watch what is happening in this moment.  Savor the peace of this moment.  We are living.  Celebrate it. Today I heard bad news about my how my students acted toward the sub.  I should say I perceived the news as bad.  I was consumed immediately with thoughts of a battle I must have with my students.  But, I should be happy that I have something worth fighting for. We forget that caring is the gift.  Without the care, objects are just pieces of matter.   Be happy whenever you care. But, we must also know what we … Continue reading

Create to Know

What do we know?  Only that which we pay attention to do we even consider.  But, do we know it then?  A reflection must be given in order to understand something.  This reflection is a creation of some artifact.  Our environment triggers memories of the past and a reflection adds an artifact to our environment.  Our artifacts tell the story of who we are.  They also are guides to who we will become.  This brings us back to our question, What do we know?  We know what we do; we do what we know. Herein lies the power of writing … Continue reading