Here’s a healthy and usually tasty breakfast smoothie formula that I found from the book my sister got me, No Meat Athlete by Matt Frazier.  Here’s the link to Matt Frazier’s site that also has the formula and examples to try. The general formula is as follows: Soft fruit + frozen/fresh fruit + protein powder + binding agent + oil + liquid + sweetener + superfood + ice cubes. Here’s an example from this morning. Avocado, Orange, and Berries Green Smoothie Ingredients Avocado Orange Handful of frozen strawberries Handful of frozen blueberries 3/4 cups of coconut juice 1/2 cups of cashew milk 2 … Continue reading

Energy Bars

Delicious, vegetarian and/or vegan energy bar.  These are perfect for a quick snack or, for Abbie, a quick on-the-run breakfast.  Be sure to keep these in the refrigerator as they can spoil. The recipe formula was created by Matt Frazier over at No Meat Athlete.  His website has some examples to choose from and I have one below too.  I’ll also go over the basics of the formula. The formula = can of beans + binding agent + sweet soft fruit + sweetener + salt + oats + protein powder + tasty add-ins Chocolate Energy Bar Ingredients Can of chickpeas (rinsed) … Continue reading

Chase Your Questions

Be curious.  I wish it was that simple.  You know what is simple?  Sitting in front of the TV and playing videogames. I was told by a colleague about how rain forests are taking in much more CO2 than previously thought.  I just looked up an article from Science Times and read about what my colleague was saying.  It was clear my colleague argues against climate change and this made me feel uneasy.  The general scientific consensus is that climate change is happening and humans are the cause. But here’s a problem I ran into.  I couldn’t name studies saying … Continue reading

Cold Calling – Teach Like a Champion

A low level student transforms much like a caterpillar to a butterfly before your eyes.  This is a sight every teacher would love to see.  We want to see our students grow and blossom.  But, this isn’t what I am experiencing.  Too many of my students seem to afraid to engage the challenges.  Too afraid to come out of their cocoon. A technique called Cold Calling may help the students transform.  Cold calling plays off of two natural human tendencies.  One, we all love showing off.  Two, we fear dropping in social status.  When a teacher Cold Calls, he controls … Continue reading

Project-based Planning

I’ve been a bum again!  This has been thought way too many times the last few days. My “free” time has been increased dramatically the last few weeks.  First, I had winter vacation.  Second, we’ve had snow days the last two days.  Yet, I still am not 100% prepared for the upcoming school quarter.  Now, 100% will never be reached, but you would think with all the extra time to prepare I would at least have 3-4 weeks roughly planned.  Nope.  Not even close. What was I doing with my time?  For Christmas, I received FIFA 15.  I played through … Continue reading