The Yearly Reflection

Sitting on the Shore The flow of the river continues on.  Our life is like the river.  Erosion, new paths, and varying speeds occur.  When we are on the river, we sometimes love floating along.  However, there are the times when we also love taking a break on the shore and discussing what we experienced while floating.  Both experiences are rewarding.  Today, I’d like to spend some time sitting on the shore and discuss my floating experiences of the past year. What did I learn? I love the feeling of growth.  The summer was a blast for me.  I was … Continue reading

Building Rapport

There must be a way to turn relationships around.  This year I have run into a few very defiant students.  I’ve done quite a bit of disciplining: reminders of the class rules, asking them how they aren’t showing respect, and calls home.  Yet, behavior has not changed.  In fact, I almost feel like it is getting worse.  A possible case of anti-authority-itis. Here’s my action plan for building rapport.  What I love about it is how simple it is. BE POSITIVE AND GIVE GIVE COMPLIMENTS. One thing I realized is my current trouble students love their shoes.  I’m predicting that … Continue reading

We are All Scientists

What is this? My friend Gus exclaimed this question once.  We were excitedly discussing curiosity and the “purpose” of life.  He concluded it simply: to answer that question.  From the moment a human has consciousness, he is attempting to answer that question.  Watch a baby.  A toddler is better.  The curiosity is so easy to spot! Sadly, many people lose their curiosity.  We can change that.  I have a simple solution and it is simply to ask a question over and over… What happens if…? This question guides our life without our knowing.  In social situations, we constantly test our … Continue reading

Make Time to Explore

“Exploration is really the essence of human spirit.” Frank Borman Frank Borman was one of the first humans to go around the moon.  He was able to live the common fantasy of many children.  And many adults too! There is something about new experiences which is thrilling.  We have people like Felix Baumgartner who chase after the thrills. We also have people with neophobia, which is a fear of trying new things.  For them, the thrill is just too much! The majority of us enjoy new things, yet we get stuck in our routines.  We come home, have dinner, and … Continue reading

Read Often

The Amazing Technology How has being able to read helped your life?  We communicate daily with text messages.  Thank-you cards are written and, hopefully, received.  The Harry Potter fantasy world was gloriously entered time-after-time.  Plus, the significant other is impressed with all the new foods cooked thanks to the countless recipes on Pinterest.  Oh.  Sorry.  That was my life, not yours. Well, how has reading benefited the greater civilization?  Violence has been reduced.  This is caused by better understanding of desires between people because reading and writing forced our languages to become standardized.  Also, political laws are easier to uphold … Continue reading