Value Mind Map – Well-being – April 27th – May 3rd

Take care of your body!  It’s your personal vehicle, but when it hurts so do you.  This past week, Abbie and I decided to focus on Well-being, specifically physical Well-being.  We sometimes forget to spend some time taking care of ourselves in our very busy world. What did I learn by focusing on Well-being this past week?  We should all try to make our workouts fun.  On Friday, Abbie and I passed the ball around and tried to juggle it between us.  We also played keep away for a bit.  What a fun, simple game!  Saturday was spent beautifying Sudlow. … Continue reading

Break a Habit by Learning a New Skill

How can we simplify our life?  Well, one way is to use apps on our phones.  They are extremely helpful.  I use Pinterest and MapMyRun.  Pinterest is used mainly for sorting recipes, while MapMyRun helps keep me motivated to exercise.  Plus, it tells me my current pace while running. A way I hope to simplify my life is to reduce the amount of alcohol I drink.  I’ve noticed I drink it while procrastinating, which is not a healthy habit.  So, how can I break it?  I have decided to use an app.  Moreover, I’ve also decided to create the app. … Continue reading

Value Mind Map – Learning – April 20th – 26th

Learning is great!  Abbie chose for us to focus on our value of Learning this week.  Below is the mind map I created to help me keep track. Looks like I need a better camera!  That picture is hard to read.  But here are the key ideas I took away each day this past week. The endless library thought experiment caused me to realize the difficulty in unlimited choices.  Our lives are sometimes too open and we become stagnant instead of taking action.  Creating a sense of limited resources will improve our productivity. I was meditating and realized that doing … Continue reading

Changing My Boredom Eating Habit

I “convinced” myself not to do it.  The initial urge was felt and I gave myself a little pep talk.  I even made the turn into Abbie’s apartment instead of going straight.  I even was PARKED!  Then, I failed.  I decided to go to Whitey’s for ice cream. I eat for comfort.  It is a habit I’ve known about for a long while, but I always find myself going back to eating.  At one point I was at least eating healthy things like apples or yogurt instead of giant bowls of ice cream or gobs of peanut butter.  But, I … Continue reading