From Stagnant to Growth – Set Some Goals

We must grow!  Feeling our bodies becoming healthier.  Feeling our minds expanding.  Feeling like we are beating away our fears.  These feelings are what I consider growth. What happens when we do not get this feeling?  Well, I can tell you how I feel.  Stagnant.  Lost.  Severe confusion.  Then, I fail to act because I have limited fuel to power me.  Surprisingly, the feeling of being lost is extremely draining. How can we overcome this feeling?  We must set a new goal we know we can achieve.  If you are severely drained, then the goal might have to be extremely … Continue reading

Value Mind Map – Create – April 13th – 19th

  Have you ever had a situation like this? I am done with work and ready to work on what I really want to do.  In fact, I’m going to work on the homemade gift for my girlfriend, my own website, and make my own dinner!  But first, I will relax a bit by watching some TV… Where did my night go?  All I did was watch TV! The example above is just one example of how I’ve found myself not living up to my values.  Creation is something I value and want to strive for, but laziness often kicks … Continue reading

Play – “Working” for Free

Work for free.  Do what you truly want to do.  Then life becomes play. Listen to this.  We should all chase after what truly makes us happy.  Positivity is contagious and people will eventually pay you to supply it.  And what better way can we supply it then by doing what we want to do?  If you are coming up with a blank, then I am with you. So, what do you truly like to do?  Go start doing it for free. I enjoy playing sports (soccer, tennis, and volleyball), cooking, reading, and writing.  And I will continue doing it … Continue reading

See the Good, Feel Important

Teaching is a lonely profession.  This is an odd phrase because teachers are with students all day.  But, people can feel lonely even in a crowd.  The feeling of loneliness comes from feeling a lack of importance in life.  How can teachers be lacking a feeling of importance?  We shape the minds of the young and this is a very important undertaking.  However, the day-to-day battles are intense.  The students can be vicious. Constant negative feedback is tough to swallow.  I had students not trying after discussing biking, which I thought would be applicable to their lives.  I had a student … Continue reading

Mapping Your Week

What have you done in the past week?  What have you done in the past month?  Year?  If you are anything like me, then I bet you will be surprised to find out how little you know. Once we pause to think about it, we find specific events difficult to come up.  I want to change this fact for me.  To fix this, I am experimenting with using a mind map.  Below is my example from this week.                           Here is the layout: blue represents general topics; green … Continue reading