Important Questions

I’m interested in you.  What are you thinking?  What do you feel?  What goals are you aiming for?  What values do you try to live by?  What great lessons have you learned and what caused you to learn them?  How do you combat fear?  What do you want to do each day immediately when you awake?  What do you think motivates you?  How can I treat you better? Are these types of questions rare to you?  I rarely ask them and rarely get asked them.  We should attempt to make them more common.

Learning Toward Happiness

How do we learn things?  What causes us to remember events?  Why are these questions not mandated in the public school’s curriculum? There are two primary types of events we remember: 1. A cause of happiness and 2. A cause of severe suffering.  Our brains have evolved in order to repeat happiness.  To see this, be mindful of your habits.  Why are you doing what you are doing?  Why are you drinking one more beer?  Why are you eating ice cream?  Why are you listening to music on your way home from work?  I may be wrong, but the answer … Continue reading

The Purpose of Education

Educators must supply new experiences of suffering for their students.  The purpose of education is to learn how to overcome new obstacles.  Amazingly simple.  This may be why teaching has been so difficult for me.  I never want to harm anyone.  I want to help.  But, I’ve come to realize teaching includes both aspects.  More specifically, teaching in public schools does.  I must plan to deliver the new problem for the students to practice solving and help the students solve it. I had this same thought before.  In my past, I called the problems “puzzles.”  This felt more positive.  But, … Continue reading

Keep Growing

Growth.  It makes us feel good.  Remember all those amazing first steps: tying our shoes without help; signing our name in cursive; hitting a pitched baseball; running our first 5k; getting our license.  These moments stand out in my memory, and I am assuming yours.  I hope you, too, are smiling. Maintaining the feeling of growth is a challenge now that I am an adult.  I was told what to achieve while growing up, but now I have all this freedom.  And this abundance of freedom causes stress.  What are some ways to reduce or eliminate this stress? There seems … Continue reading

Cleaning for Peace

We should spend more time cleaning.  Our minds work better in a clean space due to less distractions.  The habit of being clean is likely a keystone habit.  I’m imagining how much more at peace I would be if I wasn’t staring at the clutter.  Currently, there is a large stack of cups, an overflowing garbage can, a cluttered side of a fridge, crumbs on the table, dishes in the sink, a day old pizza, painters tape, and a stool holding old magazines.  Some of this is directly caused by me, some of it isn’t.  Either way, it bothers me. … Continue reading