Sudlow Beautification!

Last Saturday, we spent time making our school more beautiful.  A big thanks to Kelly for setting this up, her husband for being a mulch-master, Abbie for helping me plant daylilies, Claire the super student, and Claire’s mom for bringing her daughter and spreading some mulch.

Below is a picture of the sign with the daylilies planted around it.

Sudlow Beautification

Imagine if everyone spent some time helping to make their community beautiful.  Even if it is picking up an extra piece of trash on the walk to and from a car…  That thought makes me smile 🙂

Cleaning the Community

Abbie and I picked up 4.2 pounds of trash on our first “Community Trash Walk” of the year.  We were on our way to practice soccer and picked up trash on our way to and from the field.  Our biggest piece of trash was a hubcap.  The trash I found funny was dog poop bags.  The dog owners had the first step down.  At least it was in the bags!

Abbie modeling the pickup from our Community Trash Walk!

Abbie modeling the pickup from our Community Trash Walk!
















We noticed a lot of trash in Duck Creek.  We may go play in the creek for our next Community Trash Walk.  Let me know if you would like to join or if you do one of your own!