Live Your Legend Blog Challenge!

A dream to be satisfied.  A dream to fully live.  This is what I have.  What I want is an incredible life that I wouldn’t change for the world.  To help me get there, I am participating in the Live Your Legend Start a Blog Challenge!

We were given the puzzle of writing about our story.  I will begin with explaining why I chose the word puzzle instead of something similar like task or challenge.  A puzzle, to me, is a fun problem to solve.  A puzzle has less stress behind it.  I’ve been running from challenges or problems for most of my life.  I would avoid scary situations.  I would procrastinate out of fear.  I would tell lies or make up excuses for not doing things.  One way I’ve learned to help me is to frame any difficult situations as puzzles.  So, there is the darker side of me.  I also want to spread some light!

I love to play.  Almost any type of game, I will be into.  I particularly like soccer.  Currently, I am volunteering as a Dad’s Club soccer coach and just love spending time with those kids.  Videogames and board games also are a great interest of mine.  Part of what I love about games is the fact that there usually is a clear goal to strive for.

Speaking of goals, that is why I am doing this blog challenge.  I want to identify what my goals of life should be.  Maybe I can turn it into a game.  Here’s to discovery!

Project-based Planning

I’ve been a bum again!  This has been thought way too many times the last few days.

My “free” time has been increased dramatically the last few weeks.  First, I had winter vacation.  Second, we’ve had snow days the last two days.  Yet, I still am not 100% prepared for the upcoming school quarter.  Now, 100% will never be reached, but you would think with all the extra time to prepare I would at least have 3-4 weeks roughly planned.  Nope.  Not even close.

What was I doing with my time?  For Christmas, I received FIFA 15.  I played through an entire season on it and am now on my second season.  Once I started to get the “back-to-school nerves” I distracted myself with the 7th Harry Potter book.  I read it in less than two days.

What I achieved was not helping me get any major projects done.  Leisure time is fine when it is in moderation.  What I was doing was leisure overload.  I find when this happens (yes, it’s happened before) I begin to find the easiest tasks, such as putting away the dishes, just so challenging.  In short, I get uber-lazy.

How can this be avoided?  I can’t tell you for sure, but I have an idea and am experimenting.  What I am doing is planning projects that support my values.  Then, I am setting time aside that is specifically for that project.

Here’s what it looks like.  I make time on Sunday to plan my upcoming week.  I have my list of projects beside me.  Then, I mark on my Google Calendar what I am going to work on at different times.  I know.  Mind blown.  Simple to set up, difficult to maintain.  It takes a lot of discipline to stick to a schedule.  Especially when FIFA 15 is easily available.  But, learning to say no to distractions is a worthy skill to have.

This has been my first week in attempting this.  So far, I’ve spent time working on the project listed during the set time frames.  However, I haven’t gotten all that I thought I’d get done.  Some of the time spent is thinking of what to do.  To counter this, I want to create a list of much simpler and smaller steps of the projects.  Then, I can have this list to view and work off of during the scheduled times.