Create Time to Create

Where does the time go?

We tend to get distracted quite easily.  For example, I just watched an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee which I didn’t have planned.  I just happened to see Jerry Seinfeld on an episode of The Daily Show.  Then there are the times when I start looking at Facebook and find myself continuously scrolling down absentmindedly.  Been there too?  This also occurs at our jobs.  Microsoft surveyed their workers and reported that 2 out of 5 days per week were unproductive.  Yet, we often times wonder why “there just isn’t enough time in the day.”

So where does our time go?  I encourage you to make a list of what you believe are your key distracting activities.  Then, spend two or three days tallying the number of times you do the distracting activity.  I think you’ll be amazed to see where the time goes.

Create Life Standards

Remember the easy days when parents controlled our life?  Just one cookie for dessert.  Just one hour of TV tonight.  We spent time complaining, sure, but we also did something amazing.  We did other things!

Look at the list of distracting activities you made.  Choose one activity and set a limit for how many times you can do it.  Maybe only check Facebook once per day.  Watch only one episode of The Big Bang Theory instead all six on TBS (yeah, that used to be something I did.  No wonder I didn’t keep that first job).

I decided to limit how many hours I spend playing video games per week.  I decided on limiting myself to 4 sessions and/or 5 hours, whichever comes first.  Here is the document I created to help myself keep track.  It is currently on our counter where I see it daily to help remind me.  As a side note, I noticed a benefit to limiting the activity: I allow myself to be fully immersed in it.  The internal nagging voice saying, “do something productive!” is no longer present.

But Now I’m Bored!

Good.  The purpose of this is to create time to do other things.  Let go of your crutches and security and start being the person you deeply want to be.  Being creative is challenging.  But, think about how good you will feel by living up to the image you truly want to be.  Let me know what you are starting to limit.  We can do this together.

Value Mind Map – Well-being – April 27th – May 3rd

well being

Take care of your body!  It’s your personal vehicle, but when it hurts so do you.  This past week, Abbie and I decided to focus on Well-being, specifically physical Well-being.  We sometimes forget to spend some time taking care of ourselves in our very busy world.

What did I learn by focusing on Well-being this past week?  We should all try to make our workouts fun.  On Friday, Abbie and I passed the ball around and tried to juggle it between us.  We also played keep away for a bit.  What a fun, simple game!  Saturday was spent beautifying Sudlow.  Carrying mulch, digging holes, and picking up trash is quite a workout.  I know that doesn’t sound like fun, but doing it with people is!  I should have taken a picture of that.  My next workout was an example of a less fun workout, which was running 3 miles.  But, that was followed with playing tennis with Abbie.  Running by myself hasn’t been fun, but I think I would benefit from changing my views on it.  Maybe viewing it as a personal challenge would help.  I am able to get through tough times without relying on others all the time.  Anything can be fun if the mindset is angled that way…

Speaking of that run, I learned to be encouraging to others.  For example, there was a man edging his sidewalk.  I told him it looked good and he responded cheerily.  Simple acts of kindness go a long way.  I don’t know what it did for him, but I had a short burst of energy during my run after I shared my thoughts with him.

I had a loss in terms of Well-being.  I ate Hardees.  And I had a Pepsi.  When I struggle, I comfort myself with food.  The school week wasn’t going as planned, so I was mentally beat up and wanting comfort.  I must replace that habit with something more beneficial, such as dancing to music while preparing a healthier meal!  Oh the joys of dancing!

If you look at the picture, you’ll notice I used x‘s  to indicate something not supporting my value.  I think admitting the faults is a good thing, as long as you grow from them.  I may start including some of the ways I didn’t act toward the value in an attempt to better understand who I am as a person.

Create to know!  What have you created lately?  Next week I’ll be creating a Mind Map around our value of Compassion, which is the art of reducing suffering.