Break a Habit by Learning a New Skill

How can we simplify our life?  Well, one way is to use apps on our phones.  They are extremely helpful.  I use Pinterest and MapMyRun.  Pinterest is used mainly for sorting recipes, while MapMyRun helps keep me motivated to exercise.  Plus, it tells me my current pace while running.

A way I hope to simplify my life is to reduce the amount of alcohol I drink.  I’ve noticed I drink it while procrastinating, which is not a healthy habit.  So, how can I break it?  I have decided to use an app.  Moreover, I’ve also decided to create the app.  Here’s the idea behind the app: I will set a limit of how many drinks per month I will allow myself to drink and it will help me count.  Very simple, but I think effective if used.  Plus, I want to learn how to create apps because they are incredibly helpful and I have another idea for a possible mindmap style website.  And to help create that, I think I must understand a bit about coding.

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