Changing My Boredom Eating Habit

I “convinced” myself not to do it.  The initial urge was felt and I gave myself a little pep talk.  I even made the turn into Abbie’s apartment instead of going straight.  I even was PARKED!  Then, I failed.  I decided to go to Whitey’s for ice cream.

I eat for comfort.  It is a habit I’ve known about for a long while, but I always find myself going back to eating.  At one point I was at least eating healthy things like apples or yogurt instead of giant bowls of ice cream or gobs of peanut butter.  But, I want to overcome this eating-for-comfort habit completely.

How can we change our habits?  I know habits are a chain reaction: a trigger, the action, and the reward.  In this particular case, I believe the reward I get is distraction from my job.  The trigger is likely job boredom.  So what I must do is come up with a different action that will result in the same reward.  This is difficult, because eating is so easy and I am trying to not turn to videogames.  One thing I am interested in is learning how to create an app for a phone.  More specifically, a soccer training app (though I haven’t researched to see if my idea is already created).

To help remind myself to change this habit, I will set up reminders on my food cabinet and refrigerator saying something like, “Why are you eating?  If it is out of boredom, then go work on your app!”

Changing habits is the key to bettering life.  What habit do you want to change and how will you do it?

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2 Responses to Changing My Boredom Eating Habit

  1. Kristibelle says:

    I find myself doing this often while studying or sitting in my room. Having the food in my room all within reach makes it more difficult, and mostly unhealthy foods have been sent to me (Easter candy!). I try to stop myself- saying it’ll be time to go to the dfac soon, but that doesn’t always work.

    • rhingstrumjr says:

      The best way I have found to stop eating treats is to not have them. Remove them from the environment. But man, those Reece’s eggs are good! 🙂

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