Chase Your Questions

Be curious.  I wish it was that simple.  You know what is simple?  Sitting in front of the TV and playing videogames.

I was told by a colleague about how rain forests are taking in much more CO2 than previously thought.  I just looked up an article from Science Times and read about what my colleague was saying.  It was clear my colleague argues against climate change and this made me feel uneasy.  The general scientific consensus is that climate change is happening and humans are the cause.

But here’s a problem I ran into.  I couldn’t name studies saying climate change was happening.  I know CO2 is on the rise and the change in temperature is highly correlated.  After that, I am basically stumped.  There are other reports of the glaciers melting and the acidity level of the ocean rising because of the increased temperature, but those aren’t causes of the temperature rising.  They are effects.

What else could be causing the temperature rise?  Another colleague of mine mentioned the sun cycles.  I know little about those.  The rise could be part of a natural earth cycle.  But, what causes that cycle?

Here are some questions to pursue.  If I had more info, then I would have felt better at adding to the conversation.  Though, I could have asked the questions.  In any case, being curious would have been a benefit!


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