Cleaning for Peace

We should spend more time cleaning.  Our minds work better in a clean space due to less distractions.  The habit of being clean is likely a keystone habit.  I’m imagining how much more at peace I would be if I wasn’t staring at the clutter.  Currently, there is a large stack of cups, an overflowing garbage can, a cluttered side of a fridge, crumbs on the table, dishes in the sink, a day old pizza, painters tape, and a stool holding old magazines.  Some of this is directly caused by me, some of it isn’t.  Either way, it bothers me.  But, our physical surroundings aren’t the only places we should clean.

Our minds get dirty too, and not just with “dirty” thoughts.  How do we clean our minds?  I’ve found that writing is a cleaning tool.  I use it to clean out the thoughts from my head.  This blog is a way for me to clean my head.  Some of my mind clutter may end up being worthwhile.  Some, maybe not so much.  In either case, the benefit is a clean mind for me.

What have you cleaned today?

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2 Responses to Cleaning for Peace

  1. R. Hingstrum SR says:

    I’ve been walking on Frog Pond Road, picking up all the cans and bottles along the way.

    Oh, and my mind might get cluttered, but never “dirty”. I don’t believe in “dirty” thoughts!

    • rhingstrumjr says:

      I am proud of you picking up Frog Pond. Whenever I run there, I see lots of beer cans.

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