Create to Know

What do we know?  Only that which we pay attention to do we even consider.  But, do we know it then?  A reflection must be given in order to understand something.  This reflection is a creation of some artifact.  Our environment triggers memories of the past and a reflection adds an artifact to our environment.  Our artifacts tell the story of who we are.  They also are guides to who we will become.  This brings us back to our question, What do we know?  We know what we do; we do what we know.

Herein lies the power of writing our goals.  In doing so, we are creating an artifact for our environment.  It becomes a trigger, a reminder, for us.  The actions we take will change because of it.  We react to our environment!  Therefore, the best way to achieve a goal is to create artifacts in the environment representing it.  We know what we do; we do what we know.

How can we best do that?  In short, be specific and frequent in creating artifacts about your goal.  More on that to come…

~Breathe~Orient yourself~Take a step~

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2 Responses to Create to Know

  1. R. Hingstrum SR says:

    Hmmmm…… Does having you as a child count? Or is it only by willful acts? If it is willful acts, then be a teacher to all who question things.

    • rhingstrumjr says:

      Having me as a child would count, for you played a large role in my creation. But, you will know me more if you create things about me. Feel free to write a story about me, pops! 🙂

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