Growing with Impermanence

Meditating with a group exhilarated me.  Abbie asked if I would go to a meditation event with her and I’m so happy she did.  I dabbled in meditation over the summer and I had a great experience with it, so her encouragement was appreciated.

Her asking me caused me to go to the meditation class.  This phenomena of cause and effect relationships was the theme.  I was told it is called impermanence.  Nothing will last forever.  Change always happens.  Afterward, I felt free.  It helped broaden my view, taking my focus away from my current feelings of my life.  For that, I am grateful.

The experience contained 5 different parts: An introduction to meditation, a meditation on breathing, a lecture about impermanence, a meditation on impermanence, and a question and answer session.  Each part had some highlights I’d like to remember and share.

The introduction to meditation changed my view of the purpose of meditation.  I thought meditation was meant to help us relinquish the idea of control, but it is meant to change our focus of control.  We should attempt to control our inner environment (i.e. our thoughts), not our external environment.

The meditation on breathing helped me understand what is meant about having an object of meditation.  For me, the sensation of breathing, which I focused on the coolness of inhaling and the warmth of exhaling in my nostrils, was my object.  Paying complete attention to this object is the heart of meditation.

The lecture of impermanence solidified the concept of impermanence to me – we can’t control the changing of things.

The object of my impermanence meditation was the idea that I can change my environment to get new results.  I had images of me organizing my room and classroom while focusing on the object.  I also realized Abbie was the part of my environment which caused me to attend the event.  I’m glad she is still in my environment.

Lastly, the question and answer session supplied other objects to use while meditating on impermanence.  For example, death, joy, despair, our character, and thoughts could all be used as objects.

Growth is something we all like to feel.  By attending this event, I feel like I’ve grown as a person.  What has made you feel growth recently?

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