Mapping Your Week

What have you done in the past week?  What have you done in the past month?  Year?  If you are anything like me, then I bet you will be surprised to find out how little you know.

Once we pause to think about it, we find specific events difficult to come up.  I want to change this fact for me.  To fix this, I am experimenting with using a mind map.  Below is my example from this week.

My mind map for the week of April 6th.

My mind map for the week of April 6th.














Here is the layout: blue represents general topics; green represents specific events or feelings; and red represents the Value Abbie and I chose to practice during the week.  In the future, I think I will change the general topics.  I have some general goals I want to live by and I think I will use them next time.  Another idea is to break it down by the days, but I like the goals idea better.

We know what we do; we do what we know.  I think we can all benefit by creating and learning about ourselves.

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