Suffer for Others

Take a moment to breathe.  Watch what is happening in this moment.  Savor the peace of this moment.  We are living.  Celebrate it.

Today I heard bad news about my how my students acted toward the sub.  I should say I perceived the news as bad.  I was consumed immediately with thoughts of a battle I must have with my students.  But, I should be happy that I have something worth fighting for.

We forget that caring is the gift.  Without the care, objects are just pieces of matter.   Be happy whenever you care.

But, we must also know what we care about.  What was the cause of this fire?  Why was I suffering when I heard the news?  My immediate thoughts went to what I was going to do on Monday.  This means I was suffering because of the tough work I was going to have to do.  We are all egocentric at times…

I am suffering yet again.  My thoughts are now on the suffering of my sub.  I am conflicted on where my initial focus should have been: the suffering of myself or the suffering of the substitute.  But for now, I am happy that I care about the feelings of my sub.  Even if it was after thinking about myself…

I am curious: How much time do you consider the suffering of others?  This might be an idea to strive to do more of.

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