The Characters of Your Life

Dreams of Our Youth

What did you want to be when you grew up?  An astronaut?  A police officer?  A doctor?  A professional soccer player?  A roller coaster designer?  The world felt as if it was created for our pleasure.

With those dreams in mind, what did you do as a child?  As a teenager?  If you are like me, then you probably spent the majority of your time messing around with friends.  For example, we watched quality movies like Cube.


Don’t you worry.  We also watched the sequels.  And we spent time playing Guitar Hero, Halo, and watching The O.C.

There was a time in my youth when I wanted to be a roller coaster designer.  But, did the majority of my activities support that dream?  No.  Was what you were doing helping you achieve your dream?

Living Our Dreams

Dreams can change.  And that is okay.  But, what are your dreams now?  How did you respond to the Dreaded Question?

We all want to make an impact.  I discovered, through the answering of the Dreaded Question, that I want to make my impact as a humanitarian, an environmentalist, a scientist, and an inspiration to others.  Now the question becomes, What characters can I be which support my dream?

We all have multiple characters we play in our lives.  Some common ones are boyfriend/girlfriend, family member, and self-developer.  Others characters are more specific.  For example, I am a teacher/mentor.  You might be a salesman, truck driver, or manager.  Identify the characters you want to be in your life.  I suggest you have 7 or less characters with at least 3 directly related to your dream.

What do you do once you have your characters?  We must plan dream supporting actions for each character and schedule them into your next week.  For example, one of my roles is scientist.  I planned to measure the water flow rate for my shower.  This supported two of my dreams.  One being a scientist and the other being an environmentalist!  Another example is my role of being a boyfriend.  I planned to write to Abbie while I am visiting friends in Milwaukee.  This supports my goal of being a humanitarian.

This can be difficult at first.  I am finding out that I am not naturally a scientist or an environmentalist.  Planning those actions takes much more time than planning my actions of being a boyfriend.  Do not fret over this.  Achieving dreams takes disciplined work.  New skills will be learned along the way.  The benefit to this is that learning new things is immensely enjoyable once accomplished!  So, keep true to your planned actions.  Place them on a calendar.  We must plan to reach our dreams.  Otherwise, we get easily distracted.  Don’t let Facebook or re-runs of The Big Bang Theory keep you from your dreams!


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