The Purpose of Education

Educators must supply new experiences of suffering for their students.  The purpose of education is to learn how to overcome new obstacles.  Amazingly simple.  This may be why teaching has been so difficult for me.  I never want to harm anyone.  I want to help.  But, I’ve come to realize teaching includes both aspects.  More specifically, teaching in public schools does.  I must plan to deliver the new problem for the students to practice solving and help the students solve it.

I had this same thought before.  In my past, I called the problems “puzzles.”  This felt more positive.  But, I think if students understood that the purpose of school was to help them understand how to reduce suffering, then more students would want to be there.  Who doesn’t want to know how to reduce their suffering?

In case you are wondering, I believe science is the best way to reduce suffering.  Make your life into an experiment.  You’ll learn so much!

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