The Yearly Reflection

Sitting on the Shore

The flow of the river continues on.  Our life is like the river.  Erosion, new paths, and varying speeds occur.  When we are on the river, we sometimes love floating along.  However, there are the times when we also love taking a break on the shore and discussing what we experienced while floating.  Both experiences are rewarding.  Today, I’d like to spend some time sitting on the shore and discuss my floating experiences of the past year.

What did I learn?

I love the feeling of growth.  The summer was a blast for me.  I was reading and writing consistently.  I felt amazing.  Once school started, I felt blocked in my personal growth.  I have been struggling emotionally.  But, I realize my focus is on the wrong set of goals.  I focus on my own growth instead of the growth of others.  I never want goals to depend on other people, so having learning goals based on student performance is something I don’t want.  But, I must find goals related to teaching that I find inspiring.

My support group has grown.  Abbie’s family supports me.  Her mom wants to sponsor a science experiment.  That is so nice of her!  We also went camping with her mom and step-dad.  Also, we’ve been attending more meals with her dad’s family.  It feels good to be supported.

When I get scared, I run to comfort.  School was getting challenging and I found myself turning to food.  Especially peanut butter.  Compared to last year, I realized I am facing challenges more often, but it is not something I do consistently yet.

I am at the most peace when I write consistently.  From my time keeping a journal and to writing these blog posts, I realized I am calmer and happier.  I find writing to be revitalizing, but I also view it as less important than, say, lesson planning.  But, what happens is I will sit and complain about lesson planning instead of making progress.  Writing would likely clear my head and allow a far more effective lesson planning session.

Dreams of Next Year

Ideally, I want to feel engaged in what I do.  This means I want to understand why I am doing what I am doing.  There are many times when I jump to what is easiest, such as playing videogames, instead of doing what would be helpful.  The feeling of autonomy is desired.

Interacting with more people.  Abbie and I have a house now, so we should spend time inviting people over.  People are interesting.  I want to learn from them!

An article count above 100 for this website.  No, an article count above 130 (I have about 30 now).  What I really want is to be writing consistently.  Might as well share my thoughts.

I want to learn about online education.  I plan on taking the Coursera certification course on online education.

Lastly, I want to ensure I plan out my weeks.  I’ve already scheduled Sundays for working on the upcoming week’s plan.  This will help in feeling engaged in the moment, for I am giving myself the time to plan what I truly want to do!

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