What Makes Me Angry About the World?

The prompt supplied for the LYL challenge is the title of the post. I’m surprised nothing is jumping out at me.  But, I do have some things that upset me.  A good place to start would be listing those.

  • Watching people not try
  • Not trying my best
  • People blindly accepting things
  • People hurting others for entertainment
  • The school system and its regimented standards
  • How we fail to use the creativity of students

I’m beginning to understand more about myself.  There are some things that annoy me that are within my control.  How I act and how my classroom operates is within my control.  Those should be my focus.

A key thought that continues to run through my mind is how I don’t know what my goals are.  I am complaining about not giving my best, yet I couldn’t tell you what giving my best looks like.  Moreover, I want to use the creativity of the students to help solve problems within the community, yet I don’t know what that would look like either!  Knowing what to focus on is also an issue, for I know the future will never be exactly what I envision.  How much detail is enough detail?

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