What’s one thing I’m proud of?

I’m proud of being published in the Iowa Science Teachers Journal.  I helped write it, even if my group members modified what I wrote.  The feeling of being published for a school activity means I may help others in their teaching science to students.  That feels good!

I mostly met with a fellow cohort member Jacob P.  He is a great guy.  Or, he was when I was in contact with him.  I should reach out to him again.  He enjoyed board games, videogames, and science.  What a great combination!  Plus, he wrote very well.

This is highlighting the importance of asking others for help.  Doing things with others helps us get things done.

Another moment in my life I am proud of is when I chased down Abbie after a date.  I finally got the first kiss!  I even went to the wrong address, but I persevered!  That was a fun day!

This was a continuation of the Live Your Legend Blog Challenge!  I’d write more but it is 11 pm and I have to teach in the morning.

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